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Learning & Education

Education and learning is a key area of work for the Scottish Catholic Archives. The archive participates in a number of initiatives which contribute to a wider understanding and knowledge and ensure that Catholic history maintains a necessary position in mainstream learning. These initiatives encompass projects from primary level schooling to university level teaching and research. Educational resources are either hosted by ourselves or our project partners. We present here a series of resources for a better understanding of Scottish Catholic history.


We hope to bring a number of articles and resources together to illustrate Scottish Catholic history in further detail. We have published the following articles so far: the Scottish Catholic Tradition: A shared Catholic Heritage; and Recusant Archives and Remains from the Three Kingdoms 1560-1789 - Catholics in Exile at Home and Abroad. Read more


The Scottish Catholic Historical Association was founded in 1950 by a group of clergy and laity who wished to place Scottish Catholic history in the mainstream of historical research. Conferences, lectures, publications and the invaluable journal of the association - The Innes Review - have successfully achieved this goal set out almost 60 years ago. Read more


We are pleased to be able to offer a number of items for sale at the Scottish Catholic Archives. Some are published by The Aquhorties Press, our in-house publishing unit; and others by the Blairs Museum - our sister institution situated in the former St Mary's College, Blairs. Visit the Online Shop


You are invited to follow Richard Carr McClement as he travels around the world aboard six vessels, the H.M.S Buffalo, H.M.S Hawke, H.M.S Galatea, H.M.S Duncan, H.M.S Terror and H.M.S Wellesley.

The McClement Project is a joint research initiative of UHI’s Centre for History and the Scottish Catholic Archives and is directed by Dr S Karly Kehoe. It centres on the journal of McClement, an Irishman and assistant surgeon who served with the Royal Navy between 1857 and 1869. McClement’s 400 page journal is a tremendous historical resource for students, scholars and the general public. This project is interactive - it is about making history accessible and allowing people to participate in the development of an historical project. Read more


This list gathers together details of listed buildings in the Catholic Church and related organisations and is compiled by Dr Mary McHugh of the Scottish Catholic Heritage Commission. It is arranged alphabetically by place. Read more


We have gathered here a number of links we feel would be of use to our users and visitors. If you know of any others, please let us know! Read more

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