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Manuscript music sources



The Repertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) or International Inventory of Musical Sources is an international, non-profit joint venture which aims to comprehensively document the world’s musical sources of manuscripts or printed music, works on music theory and libretti stored in libraries archives, monasteries, schools and private collections. The organisation, founded in Paris in 1952, is the largest and the only global operation that registers written musical sources. RISM documents what exists and where it is stored. It includes more than 456,000 records covering music from 1600, but mostly between 1600 and 1850, in over 680 libraries and archives and in 31 countries.

The main series, A/II: “Music manuscripts after 1600” is available online and is the series into which our records will be added. Each manuscript has a composite record giving details such as the location; title; date; format (score, part); size (in cms); a brief description of the contents; and the reference or shelfmark.

Thereafter, each piece within each manuscript is described showing such details as the composer; scoring (instrumentation); key (e.g. C major); title; date; folio numbers; location; first line of words; first line of music (encoded); and reference or shelfmark.

The manuscripts within the Scottish Catholic Archive collection which are included in the project are:

LS/11/1 – Vesperale novum pro dominicis festis (1758)

LS/11/2 – Margaret Glennie, her musick book (2 May 1792) - A collection of New Church Tunes and Anthems

LS/11/3 – Scottish songs and fiddle tunes [18th century]

LS/11/4 – Music Book - 42 Fiddle tunes, mostly in 2 parts

LS/11/7 – Violin tunes, mainly Scottish (1 dated 5.11.1788)

LS/11/8 – Words set to music, with figured bass accompaniment [18th-19th century]

Among the less well known tunes in these manuscripts can be found a number of very well known ones, including the old 100th psalm tune and ‘Dundee’ both in LS/11/2 and ‘Brittania’ and ‘God save the King’ both in LS/11/7.

The catalogues to manuscript music can be searched via the Catholic Heritage website – www.catholic-heritage.net or via the RISM website www.rism.org.uk


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