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Constitution of the Scottish Catholic Historical Association

1. Name
The Association shall be called the Scottish Catholic Historical Association.

2. Object
The object of the Association is the advancement of education in and study of
the part played by the Catholic Church and the Catholic Community in the life
of the Scottish nation.

3. Activities
(a) It shall produce and arrange for the publication of the Association's journal,
the Innes Review, containing scholarly articles, original documents, and
informed comment on other relevant published work.
(b) It may publish individual historical works from time to time.
(c) It may organise conferences and lectures.

4. Membership
Membership of the Association shall be of three categories: Council Members,
Ordinary Members, and Honorary Members.

(a) Council Members shall consist mainly of scholars actively engaged in the
promotion of historical studies. They alone will direct the policy and activities
of the Association.

Candidates for Council membership shall be elected at a statutory meeting of
the Council. Candidates for Council will be proposed and seconded by
Council members and accepted by a simple majority of those present at a
Council meeting. They shall be elected for a period of four years, but shall be
eligible for re-election. The Council shall consist of the Office Bearers and
normally no more than 10 further members.

Any Member who is absent from 3 consecutive meetings of Council without
presenting apologies will be deemed defaclo to have resigned.

(b) Ordinary Members shall consist of those individual subscribers whose
membership is constituted by payment of their annual subscription to the Innes
Review. Ordinary Members shall be entitled to receive one copy of every
number of the Innes Review published in the year of their subscription.
The annual subscription shall be such sum as the Council - or a publisher
working on Council's behalf - may determine, payable in advance.

(c) Honorary Members shall consist of each member of the Bishops' Conference
of Scotland, and such Other distinguished bodies and individuals whose
support and patronage is deemed by the Council to merit Honorary
Membership. Such members shall receive all issues of The Innes Review as
published, and may receive copies of any other publication produced by the

No subscription shall be levied on such members.

In all questions of Honorary membership of the Association, the Council shall
be the final authority.

5. Office Bearers
The Council shall elect the Office Bearers necessary for the conduct of its
affairs: a Convener, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor(s) of Innes Review, and any
other deemed necessary by the Council. Voting by a two-thirds majority of
those present shall be the final authority in all questions of election or removal
of such Office Bearers. Their terms of office shall be for four years, but they
Shall be eligible for re-election.

6. Meetings
Two statutory meetings of the Council, normally to take place in the Spring
and the Autumn, shall be held each year, at which Council shall consider
reports on the activities of the Association. The Council shall have power to
hold extraordinary Meetings when circumstances require. Such meetings will
be held on the direction or the Convener, or upon a request served upon the
Secretary, which has the support of four members of the Council. Unless
otherwise specified by the constitution, decisions of Council shall be made by
a simple majority of those present.

Two weeks' notice of Statutory ond Extraordinary Meetings will normally be
given to all Council Members by the Secretary.

A quorum shall consist of six members of the Council.

7. Funds
(a) The Association shall be a non-profit making body. All surplus income (if
any) shall be used to finance research and publication in furtherance of the
Associations object. Authors and Office Bearers shall receive no honorarium
or remuneration, but may receivee a refund of expenses authorised by the

(b) All funds held by the Association for the prosecution of its work shall be
vested in, and administered by, the Council, and lodged in the Association's
bank in the name the Association. The account shall be operated by four
trustees who shall be Office Bearers for the time, being: the Convener,
Seretary, Treasurer, and Editor of the Innes Review.

(e) The Treasurer shall report on the Association's financial affairs at each of the
two Statutory meetings held in the year, and shall prepare an annual statement
of accounts which shall be approved by a two-thirds majority of those present
at the Council's Spring meeting.

(d) The financial year shall be the calendar year, that is running from January to

8. Amendments to the Constitution
Any proposed amendment to the Constitution ofme Association must be
supported by not less than four members of the Council and mUst be submitted
in writing to the Secretary not less than one month before the date of the
meeting at which it is to be discussed. The proposed, to be effective, must
receive a two-thirds majority vote of the whole Council, either present at a
meeting of the Councilor having intimated their vote in writing to the
Secretary in advance.

Constitution discussed at an Extraordinary meeting of Council on 6th September
2003, and ratified at the following Ordinary meeting on 29th November 2003.

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