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The Project: people and supporting institutions


The McClement Project presents a unique international picture of life in the British Navy during the 19th century and the wider cultural and religious significance of Catholicism in Empire. Thus, this project is informed by the skills and expertise of scholars and archive professionals from both sides of the Atlantic and benefits from the support of a number of organisations.


Dr S. Karly Kehoe, University of the Highlands and Islands. Karly is the project’s principal investigator and has worked extensively in the field of Catholic history, with a focus on gender, ethnicity and national identity in Scotland. She has made full use of the archival and research collections at the Scottish Catholic Archives, Edinburgh. The McClement Project has focussed her research in the area of Catholics in the British armed services in the 19th century. 

Mr Chris McClement, independent researcher. Chris is the great great grandson of Frederick McClement, brother of Richard Carr McClement. Frederick also served in the Royal Navy as a surgeon.

Dr Dara Price, Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. Dara is a project advisor and will be co-editing the published version of the journal and contributing to the Halifax conference in 2012.

Dr Annie Tindley, Glasgow Caledonian University. Annie researches on Scottish land ownership in the 19th and early 20th centuries. She is researching the links between the McClement family and the Campbells of Lochnell in Argyll.

Professor Michael E. Vance, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mike is co-organising the conference that is scheduled for June 2012 in Halifax and will be co-editing its proceedings.

Supporting Institutions
We are grateful for the support of the following institutions and funding bodies:

University of the Highlands and Islands, Dornoch.  UHI provided seed corn funding to necessary for the digitisation and transcription of the journal of Richard Carr McClement.

Scottish Catholic Archives, Edinburgh. SCA hosts the project website and is providing access to all related archival materials.

Gorsebrook Research Institute of Atlantic Canada Studies, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Gorsebrook is co-hosting the 2012 conference, 'Ireland and Empire: Seafaring, Slaving and Salvation in the nineteenth-century Atlantic World'.

Irish Studies, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Irish Studies is providing local support for the conference organising in 2012.

Wellcome Trust, London. The Wellcome Trust awarded a research expenses grant through the Medical Humanities and Public Engagement funding programme to Dr Kehoe in 2010.

Maritime Command Museum, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Museum provided images and allowed their use for the project website.


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